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San Antonio Entertainment brings you Dining, Family Fun, Live Music and  other Things To Do!

San Antonio Entertainment - Enjoy the great city of San Antonio!

Get ready for some good times and great entertainment... Alamo City style!

If you're looking for the best bars, clubs, restaurants and attractions in San Antonio, you've certainly come to the right place! This site is all about the fun-filled hotspots and events that San Antonio has to offer. From the nightlife with live music bars, dance clubs, and country saloons; to the authentic Mexican restaurants, Italian cuisine, Chinese restaurants and riverwalk'll  find it right here on the this website! Whether you're one of the numerous military personnel stationed here in the city, a studious college or university student, a first-time tourist or an Alamo City native; there is enough entertainment and nightlife for everyone to enjoy...and plenty of things to do! Let's not forget all of the great attractions and events for family fun too! is THE GUIDE for local bars, clubs, restaurants and nightlife.


With approximately 500 bars and clubs in the Alamo City, and thousands of restaurants to choose from, the San Antonio Entertainment site  will make it a lot easier for you to plan a memorable night out on the town or an exceptional day out with the family! You can enjoy the nightlife at the bars, clubs and restaurants situated on all sides of town; from the North East, North Central and North West sides of town to the South, East and West sides of town; and of course the heart of the city...downtown San Antonio on the Riverwalk!

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From New York nightlife to that of L.A., big cities everywhere have always seemed to be renowned for their big city nightlife; and equally their big city entertainment at bars and clubs. Take heed folks! The entertainment and nightlife in San Antonio have proven to take high ranking with the best of them! Many people familiar to the Alamo City will emphatically boast about what a great town this place really is! Visitors enjoy San Antonio entertainment in different ways, and amongst them are the bars, clubs and restaurants that are frequented by tourists and locals alike! There are a myriad of bars and clubs in this city (over 500 to be exact). You will also find there to be a staggering amount of restaurants here as well! So what are you up for? What kind of nightlife entertainment do you enjoy? Feel like hearing some killer live rock music or an acoustic country duo? Well, then check out one of the many live music bars here in San Antonio that are host to some incredibly talented musicians! Ready to get your groove on and dance the night away? Great! This town has plenty of hot dance clubs situated all throughout the city to choose from. Perhaps you're just looking to go out with that "special someone" and enjoy a quiet romantic dinner and a few drinks afterwards at an upscale club? Whatever your plans may be...we've got what you're looking for!


San Antonio Entertainment helps you find bars, clubs, events and restaurants in San Antonio! 


San Antonio, Texas is a rare jewel that exhibits a lot of its history and culture in the downtown area; most notably the The Riverwalk. The riverwalk is truly the one place in this town that will allow you to experience  San Antonio entertainment at its its purest form! You'll enjoy the exilerating sights and sounds coming from the bars and clubs that render this city’s liveliness and the authenticity of this charming city in its entirety! Located in the very heart of downtown, the Riverwalk is without a doubt one of the most famous tourist attractions in this part of Texas! You'll enjoy long walks along the riverwalk while taking photos of the picturesque landscapes and historic architecture. At the same time, you can't help but take notice of the quaint little shops in and around downtown, the aroma of gourmet food from the restaurants along the riverwalk and the warm weather that is felt in the city throughout most of the year. But once the sun sets, that is when San Antonio entertainment and nightlife really come to life! The riverwalk seems to bloom at night with its festive lighting, live music in the air coming from the bars and restaurants, and an all-embracing ambiance that is second to none!


Get ready for some extraordinary San Antonio Entertainment!


Bring your friends! Bring your family! Come on out and enjoy all of the entertainment that this city has to offer! There are a ton of things to do every day of the week! Whether you're coming out to celebrate a birthday, holiday or special event; or just coming out to party... you'll find plenty of great entertainment  right here in the Alamo City! San Antonio music, special events, theatre, attractions and more!



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